Our members are encouraged to faithfully read god's word

Each day we have a suggested passage and then some questions to consider.

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This church school year we will be reading scripture passages and sections from beyond doubt by cornelius Plantinga jr.



    Walking in the Word

    Question #27

     What about the consummation?


    Sunday March 17

         Read Micah 6.  The GEMS theme verse has been Micah 6:8 for many years, what if people really applied this?


    Monday March 18

         Read Mark 13:32-37 and Beyond Doubt chapter 131.  If Jesus was very clear that no one will know the day or hour, why do so many spend so much time trying to figure it out?


    Tuesday March 19

         Read Revelation 19 and Beyond Doubt chapter 132.  Do you ever wonder what the return of Christ will be like?


    Wednesday March 20

         Read Luke 24:13-35 and Beyond Doubt chapter 133.  Do you wonder what they talked about on that walk, specifically?


    Thursday March 21

         Read Matthew 25:31-46 and Beyond Doubt chapter 134.  I recently heard someone say they would scream if they heard this parable one more time, maybe instead of screaming we should learn from it?


    Friday March 22

         Read Revelation 21 and Beyond Doubt chapter 135.  Living in Michigan makes it hard to accept what Plantinga writes about the sea, I hope there are at least big lakes in heaven.


    Saturday March 23

        Read John 14:2-4.  What kind of room is Jesus preparing for you? 



    Walking in the Word

    The Road to the Cross


    Sunday March 24

         Read Luke 4:1-30  How does the story of Jesus in Nazareth continue the story of the temptations?


    Monday March 25

         Read Matthew 14:1-14  How did the beheading of John the Baptist seem to affect Jesus?


    Tuesday March 26

         Read Matthew 14:13-36.  What do you learn from the story of Peter stepping out of the boat?


    Wednesday March 27

         Read Matthew 15:1-20.  How could you apply this passage to your own life?  Are you offended when people point out inconsistencies in your life?


    Thursday March 28

         Read Matthew 15:21-39.  These stories are connected in that both take place with non-Jews.  What is the message here?


    Friday March 29

         Read Matthew 16:1-4.  What did Jesus mean when he said, “except for the sign of Jonah”?


    Saturday March 30

         Read Matthew 16:5-12.  What did Jesus mean, “the yeast of the Pharisees”?  Can you think of a modern application of this? 






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