Our members are encouraged to faithfully read god's word

Each day we have a suggested passage and then some questions to consider.

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    Walking in the Word


    Sunday:  April 28

         Read Deuteronomy 26  How is this passage still applicable to New Testament Christians?


    Monday: April 29

         Read Psalm 136  What could you add to the list in this Psalm?


    Tuesday: April 30

         Read Psalm 117  Do you really believe this Psalm?  Where do you see God’s love and faithfulness?


    Wednesday: May 1

         Read Psalm 42  What does it mean to “put your hope in God”?


    Thursday:  May 2

         Read Psalm 144   Do you ever wish God would answer the prayer of 144:5?


    Friday:  May 3

         Read Psalm 150  Likely you do not praise God as this Psalm suggests, how do you praise him?


    Saturday:  May 4

         Read Psalm 146  Praise the LORD today, the Maker of heaven and earth.



    Blessed is the poor in spirit


    Sunday:  May 5

         Read Matthew 5:1,2 and 7:24-29  Did Jesus give this message to his disciples or to the crowds?


    Monday:  May 6

         Read Matthew 5:1-12  Do any of these characteristics of a follower of Christ look like what our culture values?


    Tuesday: May 7

         Read Psalm 34  Who is blessed by God?


    Wednesday: May 8

         Read 2 Samuel 12  David was not perfect, but note how he responded when his sin was pointed out to him.


    Thursday:  May 9

         Read Matthew 26:36-46  Was there ever a person on earth more “poor in spirit” than Jesus?


    Friday:  May 10

         Read Job 1  At this point in the story Job is “poor in spirit” how would you have responded in his situation?


    Saturday:  May 11

         Read Luke 6:17-26  Luke changes things from Matthew 5, are these two different occasions? Note what Luke writes instead of “poor in spirit”.



    Blessed are those who mourn, and blessed are the meek


    Sunday:  May 12

         Read 1 Samuel 15 – What great sin did Saul commit that caused God to reject him as king?


    Monday: May 13

         Read Psalm 51 – David seemed to commit sins much worse than those of Saul, yet he is called a “man after God’s own heart.” Notice how David responded to his own sin.


    Tuesday: May 14

         Read 1 Timothy 1 – How can Paul say he was the foremost of sinners?  Because he believed that, what else did he believe about his current condition before God?


    Wednesday: May 15

         Read Psalm 37 – count the times you read, “shall inherit the land.” Who will inherit the land? With whom are they contrasted?


    Thursday: May 16

         Read Psalm 25, note this chapter blends “those who mourn” and blessed are the “meek/humble.”


    Friday: May 17

         Read Psalm 147 – verse six tells us “God sustains the meek (humble in some translations.) Why does God want us to be meek?


    Saturday:  May 18

         Read Matthew 11:25-30  When Jesus said he is gentle and humble in heart he used the same word that is translated meek in the beatitudes.   



    Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness Blessed are the merciful


    Sunday:  May 19

        Read Matthew 6:19-34  What does it mean to seek first God’s kingdom and righteousness?


    Monday: May 20

         Read Deuteronomy 6:  How does verse twenty-five define righteousness?


    Tuesday: May 21

         Read Proverbs 12: Note what the last verse says about righteousness.


    Wednesday: May 22 

         Read Psalm 33, what does this Psalm say about righteousness?


    Thursday: May 23

         Read Luke 6:27-36  Note the last verse, we are challenged to imitate our God in showing mercy.


    Friday: May 24

         Read Matthew 18:15-35  In the parable how did “the master” react to the servant who was not willing to show mercy?


    Saturday: May 25

         Read Genesis 50  Joseph extended mercy to his brothers, would you have been able to do as he did?


    Blessed are the Peacemakers

    Blessed are the Pure in Heart


    Sunday:  May 26

         Read Matthew 5:9  How does one reconcile this beatitude with a national celebration of those who gave their lives in service in the military?


    Monday: May 27

         Read John 15:9-17  Jesus said one cannot have a love that is greater than this.  What is this?


    Tuesday:  May 28

         Read Psalm 4  According to this Psalm what is the best way to live in peace?


    Wednesday: May 29

         Read Isaiah 2:1-5  Some in our world believe the best path to peace is a strong military, Isaiah writes about turning swords into plowshares.  How can you be a “peacemaker”?


    Thursday: May 30

         Read Psalm 10. Re-read verse four, why is there no room for God in the thoughts of the wicked person?


    Friday: May 31

         Read Matthew 15:1-20.  Verse nineteen tells us what can come from the heart, what happens when such things are in the heart of a person?


    Saturday: June 1

         Read Psalm 119:9-16  This Psalm has some advice for those who would be “pure in heart.” What is it?


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