Our members are encouraged to faithfully read god's word

Each day we have a suggested passage and then some questions to consider.

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This church school year we will be reading scripture passages and sections from beyond doubt by cornelius Plantinga jr.

  • September 16 - 22

    Walking in the Word

    Essential Christian Teachings

    September 16 – 22


    As we enter a new “education year” the members of Bethany are being encouraged to read Beyond Doubt in addition to the suggested Bible readings.


    Sunday September 16

         Read Colossians 2  What did you hear this morning as we opened this passage together?


    Monday September 17

         Read Beyond Doubt chapter 1 and Deuteronomy 6  How do you “tie them as symbols on your hands, and bind them on your foreheads”? It seems taking this literally is missing the point.  What did your parents teach you about God? Parents, what do your children learn about God by watching you?


    Tuesday September 18

         Read Beyond Doubt chapter 2 and 2 Timothy 3:10-17 What did Paul say about God’s Word? What did Plantenga mean, “not wise in general but “wise for salvation.””?


    Wednesday September 19

         Read Beyond Doubt chapter 3 and John 1:1-18, 14:9-14 For Jews and Muslims the most troubling Christian belief is that Jesus is God. Why did God take on flesh?


    Thursday September 20

         Read Beyond Doubt chapter 4 and Psalm 8  We speak of “General Revelation” General because it is open to everyone and Revelation because God reveals himself. Where do you see God?


    Friday September 21

         Read Beyond Doubt chapter 5 and John 14:15-31 What did Jesus promise the Holy Spirit would do?  How are we to know when a thought or an urge comes from the Holy Spirit?


    Saturday September 22

         Read Exodus 33:7-23  Do you ever long for a “Tent of Meeting” where you can talk to God?  How did the Israelites react to this tent?

  • September 23 - 29


    Sunday September 23

         Read Hebrews 4 – What Sabbath-Rest is being described in this passage?


    Monday September 24

         Read Beyond Doubt 15-17 and Hosea 11  Have you ever pictured God the way Hosea does?


    Tuesday September 25

         Read Beyond Doubt 18-19 and Isaiah 40  Who is God? Do you more often think of God in terms of Isaiah 40 or Hosea 11?


    Wednesday September 26

         Read Beyond Doubt 20-21 and Genesis 28.  What does it mean, “God is holy”? Did you agree with Plantinga?


    Thursday September 27

         Read Beyond Doubt 22-23 and Colossians 1   God showed us what He is like when he took on flesh and walked this earth.  What did Jesus teach us about God?


    Friday September 28

         Read Beyond Doubt 24-25 and Revelation 1  God is one, Jesus is God, Jesus prayed to the Father, Jesus sent the Holy Spirit.  How do you define “The Trinity”?


    Saturday September 29

         Read Psalm 138  -   Who is God?

  • September 30 - October 6


    Sunday September 30

         Read Hebrews 4:14 – 5  How is Jesus our “Great High Priest”?


    Monday October 1

         Read Psalm 22 and Beyond Doubt chapter 11  -  Do you dare talk to God as the Psalmist and Lewis did?


    Tuesday October 2

         Read Job 38 and Beyond Doubt chapter 12.  Sometimes there are things we do not know and cannot know, are you able to accept that reality?


    Wednesday October 3

         Read John 15:9-25 and Beyond Doubt chapter13. Followers of Jesus will be called to suffer. Should one look for places to suffer? Should one try to avoid suffering?


    Thursday October 4

         Read Genesis 32:22-32 and Beyond Doubt chapter 14.  Have you ever “wrestled” with God?


    Friday October 5

         Read Romans 8:28 in a few different translations and Beyond Doubt chapter 15.  Do “all things” work for your good, or does God work for your good?


    Saturday October 6

         Read Jeremiah 11:18 – 12:6  In verse five the “men” are Jeremiah’s relatives and the horses = God.  Can you run with horses?

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